Working Together: PrimeGlobal firms PGBR & Manning Elliott

Jacqueline Rodrigues, Partner at PrimeGlobal member firm PGBR (São Paulo, Brazil) met with partners from PrimeGlobal member firm, Manning Elliott at their offices in Vancouver, Canada. Jacqueline tells us about her visit to the Manning Elliott offices and how PrimeGlobal’s tools help to facilitate international connections.

“I was in São Paulo, planning my family’s trip to the US and Canada, and a bright idea crossed my mind: Why don’t I visit the partners from Vancouver-based firm Manning Elliott? I met with a number of partners from Manning Elliott at the 2017 World Conference in Mexico and decided to arrange a meeting with our fellow PrimeGlobal members.

Since 2014, PGBR have worked with Manning Elliott on an Audit Engagement for one of their clients that had a branch in Brazil. After the 2017 World Conference, I sent partners at Manning Elliott an e-mail about how great it was to have finally met them in person. During our conversations we always mentioned how the world is getting smaller and the possibility that we could work together again or even visit each other’s office one day, as well as putting ourselves at disposal for any business that could create synergy between our firms in the future.

Less than two years later, while making arrangements for the trip those conversations crossed my mind, so I accessed PrimeGlobal’s website to check on their location. After I found their primary location in Vancouver, I sent them an email and scheduled a date for me to visit the office and have lunch to talk about business, opportunities and hopes for the future.

I visited their beautiful new office in Vancouver, we had a wonderful lunch, talking about business, synergy and business opportunities. I send my thanks, appreciation and gratitude to the partners of Manning Elliott: Alden Aumann, Ryan Ayran, Fernando Costa and Matthew Ko and look forward to working together again in the future.”

``PrimeGlobal has this empowering way of making the world feel smaller and closer to us. It leaves us with the feeling that we have a place for ourselves around the globe.``

Jacqueline Rodrigues, Partner, PGBR

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